What is a Lifegasm?

April 15, 2010 lifegasms

People often ask me, “What is a Lifegasm?”  So I thought I should clarify…

Lifegasms are really a philosophy for life… Living “in the moment” with passion and a spirit of fun and effervescence… To get a little deeper into the philosophy, I decided to give you an excerpt from the book I co-authored, Manifest Success Vol. 2…  I hope you enjoy! 🙂

A Lifegasm A Day…

If you’re thinking, “Really…what is a lifegasm?” Start by identifying a meaning for the word “Life”. It has many definitions; one I really like is: ‘The force that makes or keeps something alive’ (www.dictionary.com). Life is correlated to a capacity for growth. Other synonyms of life include spirit, effervescence, or sparkle.

The term “gasm” is, of course, derived from the word orgasm. The origin stems from the Greek word “orgasmos” meaning “to be excited”. In this chapter, I encourage you to look beyond the sexual connotation and focus on the aspect of channeling positive and exciting energy that requires being in the moment.

Think of “gasm” as an intensity of pleasurable feelings and excitement. When people are having fun and in touch with intense pleasurable feelings, it opens up channels of creativity and communication. People feel more confident and free to express themselves. Fun eliminates barriers. As my friend, David Neagle says, “Gasms are good for the soul.”

I define “lifegasm” as the force of keeping intense pleasurable feelings alive with spirit and effervescence. Lifegasms are all about having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously (or anyone else for that matter). Lifegasms are those moments that we feel intense excitement for life. They are about living IN the moment and really appreciating everything the “now” has to offer. After all, our “nows” are what ultimately build our lives.

The truth is, lifegasms can be found almost anywhere if you are open to seeing them. You can find them in the moments when you just cannot hold back your laughter or when you feel bubbles of inspiration. It’s in those bursts of creativity to write a poem or even start a new business, as well as in those moments when you can’t hold back the tears of joy or appreciation; those exhilarating moments when you step into faith to play a bigger game in your life. Lifegasms are about tuning in to yourself and BEING who you are in your deepest and most authentic sense.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me at info@sherryfetzer.com

Plus you can stop in and visit http://lifegasms.com or http://sherryfetzer.com

Much Love, Laughter, and Lifegasms,



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