I’ve Never Heard Anyone Say, “Hell Maybe!”

August 24, 2010 lifegasms

“Wishy washy” has recently been a recurrent theme showing up in my life through various people and situations, and because I’m recognizing it on the outside, I know it’s a reflection of something going on with me on the inside.  I have been wasting quite a bit of time and energy on “settling”…Soooo I’ve decided to adopt the philosophy of “If it’s not a ‘Hell YES!’, it’s a ‘Hell NO!’”…..Have you ever heard anyone say, “Hell Maybe!”? I think not!

This really has to do with getting rid of “good enough” to make room for the GREAT… Why waste time and energy on just settling for “good enough” when it’s the same energy you could use to create GREAT in your life? It boils down to making a decision.  The origin of the word “decide” literally means “to cut off” so you could say that once you decide on GREAT then you are cutting away the “good enough”.  Now keep in mind, GREAT can only be defined from an individual’s own perspective; what may be GREAT to one person definitely may not fit into another person’s vision of GREAT.

I’ve found it to be deeply empowering to use this as a razor for basically everything in my life from the clothes that I buy to the men that I date.  When I go shopping with my friend, Karen, she’ll try something on and say, “I like it, but I don’t LOVE it” then she promptly puts it back on the shelf.  I have committed to only buying clothes that I LOVE…. If I don’t LOVE it, it goes back on the rack because I know it’s only going to take up space in my closet for a couple of years and then end up in the pile that goes to Goodwill.

The same goes for dating… if I don’t have goose bumps and feel excited right out of the gate AND feel that it’s mutual, I know it’s time to cut my ties in the “romantic” sense right away.  (Of course, it’s definitely cool to remain friends if possible.)  I know from being on both sides of the fence on this one that it serves the best interest of everyone involved and can spare a lot of unnecessary heartache down the road.

I invite you to try out the “If it’s not a ‘Hell Yes!’, it’s a “Hell No!’” philosophy with me… every time you ask yourself a question tune in to what kind of feeling you have. For instance, do you feel all tingly and like you are getting a hug from the inside out (a lifegasm) or is there even the slightest twinge of dread? The first definitely qualifies as a “Hell Yes!” where the second is an unequivocal “Hell No!” Make space for the things that reeeeally get you excited.  Do you really want a life full of “maybes”?  I don’t think so.

Much Love, Laughter, and Lifegasms,



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